Futong Food Enterprise Co., LTD., established in August1989, is a specializedfood processing company. Since the inception, Futong manages and promotes the companywith "Professionalism, Creativity, and Trust" inorder to produce"Excellent Quality with Great Taste" productsthat satisfiesthe publicdemand in "Sanitary, Healthy, and Delicious"conditions.
The plant is located in Wan-Dan right next to Highway 88. Wan-Dan is an agriculturetown that produces large quantity of livestockand sugar cane. Futong takes the opportunityand collaboratedwith local industry, selects qualitypork, and develops new products such as "sugar cane smoked pork."With this synergy.
Futong'ssales network completely covers Taiwan region. Besides authorized distributors, there are three direct sales offices located in Tao-Yuan, Kao-Hsiung, and Ping-tung. Futong's products come in a wide array; they can be found in cafes, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, stake houses, traditional markets, CVS, superstores.
Products in 10 categories
Ham Hotdog HamburgerBaconSausagePoultrySpare ribCustomized productsRice blend products
Dried food
Constantlyintroducingnew products and techniquesfrom oversea. Then throughthe researchand develop team to customize the tasteto satisfylocal demand. Futong adopts the latest technologies and does not use any preservative.
Futong focuses on establishing long-termbusinessrelationship with its customers by developing customized products exclusively for the customers in accordance with their special needs.
Vastly invests in hardware and software to achieve higher qualitystandard. Through human resource, management, and technology, Futong produces "first class products with reasonable price."
Constantly sending researchand develop team abroadto absorb latest food processingtechniques. With advance machines and food processingtechniques, Futong is flexible and able to produce products with high qualityand great taste.
In this competitivemarket, Futong continues to exploitits core competency and strives to provide "good product"and "good service."Coping with this fast paced market, Futong execute its every step under three principles.
Administration Principle:Pursuit the market dynamic and adjust companygoals and directions accordingly. Set short, mid, and long term goals to respond to the publicdemand.
ProductionPrinciple:Produce good qualityand diversifiedgoods to suit customers' taste. Continue to research and develop healthy and deliciousFutong products.
Management Principle:Focus on human resource and companyculture to form a customer orientedteam. Standardize processesand digitalize informationto increase efficiency.